Multiple Grading Periods

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Multiple Grading Periods

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In Canvas, you can view your grades for a specific period of time such as a quarter. To enable this course-specific feature, go to Settings in the lower lefthand corner of your course. Click Feature Options and turn on Multiple Grading Periods. Because the Junior Highs and Pearson grade on a quarterly basis, it is advised that you enable this course feature so you can view and calculate grades quarterly in Canvas.


Once this feature is enabled, you can switch between quarters to see grades for assignments that fall inside the dates of that grading period. Currently, Shakopee Public Schools has grading periods set by quarter.


The Grading Periods are automatically set for:

Quarter 1: Sept. 8th - Nov. 9th

Quarter 2: Nov. 10th - Jan. 29th

Quarter 3: Feb. 1st - Apr. 1st

Quarter 4: Apr. 11th - Jun. 10th


If you would like to edit the dates of the grading periods, find the course details tab in your course settings. Click the checkbox for “Enable course grading scheme” and then click the link that says “view grading scheme.”



Adjust the dates as needed. Note that you cannot change a grade for a previous grading period once the grading period ends. You also cannot have overlapping grading periods.



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