Macbook Shortcuts (Includes taking screenshots)

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Shortcuts can really increase your productivity while using your MacBook. The video below walks through some shortcuts, including how to take screenshots, as well as shows you how to define your own keystrokes for shortcuts. Some of our favorites are listed below, and we have added some links below to lists of common shortcuts that you may find useful. 



Commonly used shortcuts

Note: When a shortcut is listed as ⌘ + C, that means hold down the command (⌘) key and the C key at the same time. 

  • Spotlight (find anything on your Macbook): ⌘+Spacebar
  • Copy: ⌘+C
  • Cut: ⌘+X
  • Paste: ⌘+P
  • Undo: ⌘+Z
  • Bold text: ⌘+B
  • Underline text: ⌘+U
  • Italicize text: ⌘+I
  • Save: ⌘+S
  • Select All: ⌘+A
  • Quit program: ⌘+Q
  • Refresh browser: ⌘+R
  • New Tab in Chrome: ⌘+T
  • Print: ⌘+P
  • Find (this comes in really useful!): ⌘+F
  • New window/file: ⌘+N
  • Screenshot, full screen, saves file to desktop: ⌘+shift+3
  • Screenshot, full screen, copies to clipboard: ⌘+control+shift+3
  • Screenshot, select part of screen, saves file to desktop: ⌘+shift+4
  • Screenshot, select part of screen, copies to clipboard: ⌘+control+shift+4

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