iPad Troubleshooting

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If an app stops working properly, there are three things to try to remedy the problem. Here is a video that walks through all three

  1. Kill the app by double clicking the home button and flicking the app window upward. 
  2. Restart the ipad by holding down the powerbutton, shutting it down, then pushing the power button to turn it back on again. 
  3. Delete the app by pressing and holding on it until it shakes, then click the x next to it. Then reinstall it from the app store. NOTE: This will likely delete any data stored only in the app (such as unpublished books in Book Creator). 

If Apps are crashing: We have found that some apps need access to the camera and other ipad hardware, and if this access is turned off the app may crash. If this happens, go to Settings, and in the menu on the left scroll down and look for that app. Then check the sliders to see what permissions are on or off and try changing them. 

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