iPad Basics (iPad 101)

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This is a resources page for the basic functions of an iPad as covered in the iPad 101 course. 

Hardware Tips and Tricks

  • Here is hardware locations and tech spects for the iPad mini. 
  • Double Click the Home Button to easily switch between apps. (This can also be done with a four-finger swipe)
  • Triple Click the Home Button to enter into Guided Access Mode (locks the iPad so only one app can be used)
  • Press the Home and Power buttons at the same time to take a screen shot (a picture of what is currently showing on the iPad screen)
  • The iPad side switch can be used to either lock screen rotation or mute the iPad: See this link for information on how to change its function. 
  • Troubleshooting: Can 'kill' the app, restart the ipad, or delete and reinstall the app. All three are covered in this three minute video


Settings in 'General'

  • Siri: turn on for voice recognition and dictation. More information about Siri here
  • Text Size: Changes text size for apps that support Dynamic Type.
  • Accessibility: Can also turn on Bold Text, Increase Contrast, Invert Colors, and many more.
    • This is also where you turn on Guided Access. Guided Access requires a 4 digit code, and if you forget the code then the iPad will have to be wiped (all data erased). 
    • Speak Selection: Will speak highlighted words.
  • Multitasking Gestures: Four-finger swipe will switch between apps, swipe up to view all apps, Airplay, and search, and pinch to go to the home screen. 
  • Side Switch: Can choose Lock Rotation or Mute
  • Keyboard: Settings such as split kepyboard and enable or disable features such as auto correction and check spelling. 

Settings in 'Passcode'

  • Change Passcode
  • Note: If your Shakopee email is synced to your iPad, then a passcode requirement will be enforced when setting up email. 
  • Require Passcode: Immediately

You can edit your apple ID in the iTunes & App store section toward the bottom of the settings menu on the left. 

Some additional Resources

iBook - iOS 7.1 User Guide

ipadapps4school.com - great blog on apps with suggested uses

www.graphite.org - reviews of websites and apps

www.appolearning.com - apps approved by educators, organized by categories

Apps Gone Free - app for free apps that are only for the day



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