Infinite Campus Troubleshooting

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This contains a list of common problems in Infinite Campus as well as the solutions. 

Problem: Grade book or other parts of Infinite Campus don't seem to load properly (there is a spinning thing on the page that says 'Loading' but it doesn't load)

Solution: Clear the browsing history by following these instructions if using Google Chrome. If not using Chrome for your web browser, check these instructionsThis is a computer by computer problem, so Gradebook may work fine on other computers or you may have to repeat this process. 

Problem: Grade book loads but grades don't show up properly. 

Solution: It is likely one of your settings is not correct. Go through the settings listed here to make sure Gradebook is set up properly. 

Problem: After posting grades, my grades disappear. 

Solution: After posting, at least at some buildings, you need to change the Task back to Final Grade. See Posting Grades in Infinite Campus.

If you are still having problems after trying these steps, contact the Campus coach(s) in your building. 


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