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App Name: Google Drive


Grade Levels: All grades for “Open In” feature, storing files for 6th-8th


Overview: Google Drive is an app that allows a student or teacher to access their Google Drive, backup photos, backup videos, upload documents to share with a teacher or other students, and create collaborative documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets. You can also used it to access documents and files and open in a different app (i.e. open a PDF in Notability that is stored in Drive).


Set-up and How-to:

The Google Drive app is where you go to access Docs, Sheets, Slides, and any other files you have uploaded to Drive. If you tap on any Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides file, the corresponding app will open. Once in that app, you can edit your file. Google Drive is the place to keep files organized and stored while the companion apps are for editing. When students or staff are collaboratively editing a document or slideshow, use Google Docs.


If students or staff are not collaborating on a document together, it is best to upload files to Drive and “Open in” another app. For instance, if you are editing an ePub (ebook file), you can open that file in an app such as Book Creator or iBooks. See the screenshots below.






Keeping Google Drive organized can be tricky. The best method for organizing is to create 3-8 folders that every file goes in. From there, create folders inside other folders. For instance, you may create a folder for each course you teach and inside each folder is another folder for each unit. To move files from one folder to another, you can tap and hold on a file and drag it on top of another. To move something from “Shared with Me” to your Drive, tap the 3 dots pictured below and click “Add to My Drive.”



Google Drive is also a great place to store photos and videos. Then they can be deleted from the camera roll to free up storage space on the iPad. To add photos and videos, create a new folder first. Then tap the + sign, tap “upload,” then “Photos and Videos,” and add any photos or videos from your camera roll. The Google Photos app does have an auto-backup feature as well but does require that app to be installed and configured.


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