Google Drive: Getting Started

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Getting Started with Google Drive: Great documentation and interactive tours from Google.

Meet the new Google Drive! 


If you open drive and it doesn't look quite like the one above, we suggest you switch to the new view of Google Drive (Since you'll be forced to at some point anyway). Find the gear in the upper right corner of Drive and click on Experience the New Drive. 

Google Drive Videos (Drive 101 topics)

Here is the entire Google Drive playlist from our Youtube channel

Sign into Google and find Google Drive

The New Drive (as of Fall 2014)

Creating Documents, Autosaving, and Revision History 

Share a Google Document

Chat and Comment in a Google Doc

Incoming Files (Shared with Me) and moving shared files to My Drive

Upload Files into Drive (Note: this is unnecessary if you use Drive for Desktop as described below)

Convert Office files to Google Docs

Organize Files and Docs

Searching for Files in Drive

Collaborating and Sharing Docs in Google Drive (online)

Using Google Drive on your Desktop

  • Edit Microsoft documents without downloading from Google Drive online
  • Automatically save Microsoft documents without creating multiple copies

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