Google Drive Desktop Version (Windows PC)

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Installing the Google Drive desktop version is the best way to use Google Drive in conjunction with programs such as Word, Excel, SMART Notebook, and more. It's also an easy way to save your newly created documents to Google Drive. Follow these directions to install it on your desktop PCs.


1)      Select the  “Home” button, formally the “start” button (bottom left):

2)      Select All Programs

3)      Select Microsoft System Center 2012 R2

4)      Select Software Center

5)      Select “Find additional applications from the Application Catalog” (right side, under Search)

     a. If the link opens in Chrome, copy link and paste into Internet Explorer

     b. You MUST do this from Internet Explorer

6)      Click on Google Drive to highlight it in black

7)      Click INSTALL (bottom right)

8)      Click Yes

9)      Go back to the “Software Center”

     a. There should be a tab on the bottom of the screen

10)   Select Install (bottom right) & leave open until download is complete

11)   Go back to the “Home” button (bottom left)

12)   Open Google Drive & follow directions

     a. It’s just going to walk you through how drive works…keep clicking next until you get to done!

13)   It is suggested that you put this on your desktop.  There are two options:

     a. Create a desktop shortcut

               i.      Home button

               ii.      All programs

               iii.      Right-click Google Drive

               iv.      Send to…Desktop(create shortcut)

b.      Pin it to your taskbar (at the bottom of your screen)

               i.      Home button

               ii.      Right-click Google Drive

               iii.      Select “pin to taskbar”



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