Displaying iPad on MacBook Screen

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Using your iPad, MacBook, and Lightning Cable (charging cable), you can display your iPad screen to your class or even record a screencast!


Step 1: Plug your iPad into your MacBook using your lightning cable.

Step 2: Open QuickTime Player (Command+space bar and search for it)

Step 3: Click on the File menu and select New movie recording

Step 4: Use the drop down menu (small v next to recording button) to choose which device to display on your screen. Select your iPad.

Step 5: Your iPad screen should be displayed on your MacBook. If you want to record yourself doing something on your iPad, hit the record button. Anything you say out loud will be recorded and any processes you do on your iPad will also be recorded.

Step 6: Go to file menu and save your video. You can save it to Google Drive to share with individuals or save it to your computer and upload to Youtube. For directions on how to set up a YouTube Channel for your class, click here.


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