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This page is a compilation of resources for the Desmos graphing calculator. But first, what is Desmos?



This blog post is a great starting point, as it gives a general introduction and overview of the Desmos graphing calculator. 

Quick start guide provided by Desmos

How To videos provided by Desmos Dozens of activities designed by teachers in partnership with Desmos. This video walks through using the activities. 

Brand new for 2015-16: The Desmos Activity Builder! Build a graph that you want students to interact with, then watch in the teacher dashboard as they complete your activities! Folks involved in the #MTBoS (Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere) have put together thousands of activities and stored them here for your perusal.   

New activity January 2016: Marbleslides. Use equations to build lines for marbles to ride on so they capture the stars. Versions for linesperiodics, parabolasexponentials, and rationals

Desmos has also made some example graphs that are accessible through the menu in the calculator. Watch this 45 second video for how to access the examples. 

Desmos recently launched regressions, and they're pretty amazing. 

Sample Materials

Art: Student created art using Desmos. Also see the 'Desman' activity at

Here is a collection of sample activities for Precalc

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