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Follow the directions below to create a report from Infinite Campus in order to import them into Google Contacts. This allows you to send emails and share Google Docs very quickly and easily. 



Importing, Adding, and Modifying Contacts


Please note that though this process seems daunting, it doesn’t take much time once you have the workflow figured out. A digital learning coach would be happy to help you learn this process as well.


Contacts Overview

With Google accounts, all contacts are managed through Gmail. To get to Gmail, login to your account from, then click on Gmail from the app laucher.

Once in mail your screen will look something like this (below), find the button that says Mail (outlined below), click on it and choose ‘Contacts’

There are three important buttons in the Contacts section, as highlighted below. We will explore their uses in the next sections.


Manually Adding a Contact

If all you want to do is add a contact manually, click on New Contact. Click on Add Name to add their name, in the email box to add an email, or any other box to add other information. Also, clicking on the box with three people on it at the top allows you to add the contact to a group. Groups allow you to send emails, documents, and more to all the people in the group with one click of a button. You can also create groups at the same button.



You can also do a quick contact add from the main contacts window by clicking on the person with a + on it.

Moving Contacts

To move a contact from one group to another, simply find the contact by typing their email address or name in the search bar.

Next, click on the three-person icon (the groups icon) to check or uncheck the desired groups.


Importing Contacts

Importing contacts is a bit more intense and requires some work with formulas in Excel, but it allows for importing entire lists of contacts quickly. There are two steps to the process; creating a Excel file with your contacts in it, and importing the file into Google Contacts.


Creating the Report

1) This video shows how to generate a report of your class roster from Infinite Campus and copy it into Excel.


2) This 3 minute video shows how to create the email address column in Excel and save the file as a CSV document. (Note: on a MacBook, you'll need to Paste Special into Excel and select "unicode text" in order to paste into a column).



Importing the spreadsheet

Now that you have a CSV file for your class you can import it into Google Contacts. In the Contacts window (see the first section of this document for how to get there) select More: Import



Use the Choose File button to find your file, then click on Import.


You class will automatically import and a group will be created called Imported [Date]. Click on the group name, then go to the top More button and select Rename Group. I suggest you name them as Period 1 or something similar.


You may click on the pop up that asks to find and merge duplicates, this is only necessary if it is possible that you have the same student already uploaded in contacts.


Now you’re done! If you have any questions about this process please contact a DLC.



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