Canvas Accounts for Parents

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Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows for students to access course materials, participate in discussions, take quizzes, and much more.


To Sign Up to Parent View in Canvas


Go to on a desktop computer and click on “Parent of a Canvas User? Click Here For an Account” in the upper right corner.


On the next screen, enter your name, your email address. Then enter your child’s username (ID number) and password (the same one they use to login to a computer at school). Agree to the terms as well. If you have multiple students that you would like to observe, see the last page of these instructions.



After clicking on Start Participating, you will land on your Canvas home page. There are 4 areas of interest for this page, as shown in the picture below.


  1. Settings

  2. Courses

  3. Calendar

  4. Coming up

Note that Grades in Canvas are unofficial. Official grades are in Infinite Campus.


  1. Settings

You can customize your notification preferences, among other things, in your personal settings. Your settings are always available from any Canvas page in the upper left-hand corner if you click Account. Then click on Notifications.


Once in Notifications, you can change how often you are notified about aspects of your children’s courses. Hover over notification box to change their frequency.


     2. Courses

This is where you view all of the individual courses for your child.


     3. Calendar

The Calendar shows a view of all course due dates, including ungraded updates of in class work. Click on Agenda in the calendar for a list view.


     4. Coming Up

This is a notification center for a quick view of upcoming items and events.


Observing Multiple Students


If you have multiple students in the district, you can observe all of their Canvas activity in one account. To add more observees, click on “Account” along the left hand side of the screen, then click on Observing.


From there, you can add other students to observe, using their unique ID# and password. Once you are set as an observer for all of your children, you will automatically have access to each course that each child is enrolled in as well as be able to access all their Canvas grades by clicking the Grades button along the top of your screen. (Note that Infinite Campus is used as the official gradebook.)


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