22 Feb 2017
Giving feedback on student writing is incredibly time consuming. Anything that students can do to help each other and themselves before they submit their final drafts can be a huge time-saver for teachers, but also gives them a unique perspective to look at their writing. Here are some tools that can help your students analyze their work in the drafting stage of the writing process. Note: All of these tools work on iPads, Chromebooks, and MacBooks. iPad users will need to use Safari for all these tools.   Canvas Peer Review: In Canvas, you can automatically or manually assign peer…
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17 Feb 2017
Thinglink is a great free tool that can be used on any device. With Thinglink, you can turn any image into an interactive graphic. Add links, videos, voice recordings, text or images. Use Thinglink to provide a one-stop shop for students to gather information in a unit.Within an image, links and materials could be provided for students to meet their learning needs. Students can also create their own Thinglinks. Have students create their own interactive book report including a link with information about the author, pictures from the setting, video of the student reviewing the book, and a link to a Google…
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03 Feb 2017
Have you ever had the feeling that you are spending time communicating with parents and students and they just aren’t reading it? Are they checking their email? Are they checking grades? Do they have a Canvas or Infinite Campus account set up? Did they watch that cool video I sent them?   Here are some ways that you can see how people are engaging with your resources you share:   Infinite Campus Portal Usage: There is a report in Infinite Campus where you can view how often your students and parents access Infinite Campus to see who is engaged and…
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27 Jan 2017
  The DLCs created "17 Ways to Ignite Your Teaching in 2017" to help generate new ideas for your classroom. We are going to highlight some of the ideas presented in 17 in 2017 each week throughout the rest of the school year. This week the spotlight is on Adobe Spark. Spark is a set of 3 tools (Post, Page, and Video) that are available on the web and in Self-Service on the iPads. All three tools give students a quick, creative, and visual way to show what they know. Click on the link below to learn more about Adobe…
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