03 Feb 2014
Recall the very best professional conference you’ve ever been to as an educator.  Was it perhaps one in which many of your other professional development experiences are measured against? What was it that made that conference something that was memorable and engaging for you?      I’m going to take a guess and suggest three qualities that made that experience a defining point in your professional career:   1.  It was directly applicable to what you’re doing NOW. 2.  It was geared specifically to your area of interest and expertise. 3.  It encouraged and valued YOUR participation, and at YOUR…
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29 Jan 2014
Being an adoptive parent, there are many moments of “new learning”, both when your kids come into your home, as well as parenting them through toddler, child, tween and teen.  In fact being a parent also of two step-children entering adulthood, I’d argue the learning never stops.  They give you ample moments of an “ah-ha” awareness that gift your teaching in some capacity. One of my most memorable moments, though, came after my kids were home a year or two, and I was struggling to write a follow up adoption report that could significantly portray to their mother that I…
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27 Aug 2013
Sometimes you might need a fun way to engage students, other staff, or parents.  Maybe you need a way to get the pulse of your audience and see who perhaps needs additional support.  And, to solve this, what if you don't have a standard response system installed in your classroom? Enter Kahoot!  
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