07 Dec 2017
It’s almost time for TIES Education Technology Conference, and Shakopee will be well represented. Our TIES Exceptional Educators will be honored before the keynote presentation on Tuesday morning, and we have Shakopee staff members presenting 7 sessions this year. It will be an outstanding two days of professional learning. Follow the hashtag #TIES17 on Twitter to stay in the loop December 11-12.   Shakopee TIES Exceptional Educators Jake Toufar, Tech Ed (East Junior High) Charlotte Leonard (Jackson) See the story on the district website.   Sessions lead by Shakopee staff: Links to the session description included below each session. Check…
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05 Dec 2017
Desmos Activity Builder has quickly caught on as a math teacher favorite. It allows teachers to design activities that guide students through tasks and challenges to help build a deeper understanding of math concepts. (My current favorites are Land the Plane and Transformation Golf) So, why not use this awesome tool in other content areas as well? Some recently released features, such as card sorts, give this tool a lot of flexibility to be used in any classroom. We will highlight other features in the near future, but let’s start by taking a look at Card Sorts in Desmos Activity…
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05 Nov 2017
It’s amazing the insight you can get from candid conversations with students.   This past week, I sat down to help a student who was having some issues tracking down a document in their Google Drive. We went into his Gmail and to my shock and horror, the student had 1,300 unread messages. Glancing over the messages, I saw a number of emails from teachers intermingled with Canvas notifications and other inbox clutter. When I asked the student about it, he basically just said, “I can’t keep up. So I only go to my emails when directed by a teacher…
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15 May 2017
At #EdCampTC on May 6th, the DLCs learned about a new (Minnesota created!) tool called Edji. We are really excited to share this tool with all of you as it has a lot of potential uses.   Edji is a unique, collaborative annotation tool. Students and teachers can highlight portions of text and leave either emoji comments or text comments. They can also place a hotspot on a picture and leave a comment as well. Teachers have the ability to control whether “Heat Vision” is on, which allows you to either turn on or hide student comments and hotspots. When…
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