05 Jan 2015
Part 1: A Shift in Perspective Part 2:  Before Going 1:1   Part 3: Learning Environment Where do you learn? How comfortable are you when you work, grade, read? When learning can happen anywhere, why sit in rows of desks? Why sit in desks at all? Many of the classrooms at Pearson have undergone a transformation. We have a number of classrooms that got rid of their desks and replaced them with large tables for projects and collaboration. Others have arranged their desks into collaborative groups or partnered arrangements. Rows are dead.     In addition to arranging the typical…
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10 Dec 2014
Before Going 1:1   If 1:1 is on the horizon for your grade or school, there are a few things you can try this year in order to get ready and used to working in a 1:1 classroom. The biggest difference between 1:1 and what currently exists at secondary schools is Shakopee is the level of access. Based on my experience teaching 7th grade and coaching high school athletes, a majority of students have a device in their pocket with the ability to do a lot of interactive and engaging activities. Using cell phones, you can makeQR code scavenger hunts,…
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06 Dec 2014
On Friday, I got an opportunity to tag along with Doug Keddie in a Kindergarten room at Eagle Creek. Those little goofballs are a lot of fun! In all Kindergarten classrooms in Shakopee Schools, there are a dozen iPads. Students share them as they work on creating and completing digital assignments. We started the lesson by reintroducing the students to Book Creator, a very simple but powerful app in the Kindergarten classroom. The app allows you to create (or edit pre-existing) books that include photos, text, pen drawings, and audio recordings. The students opened a template from Google Drive into Book Creator…
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04 Dec 2014
I’ve been ready and excited to teach in a 1:1 environment for a long time. I am very blessed to be able to be on the forefront of Shakopee’s 1:1 rollout at Pearson 6th Grade Center. After teaching for two full months with a classroom full of iPad-wielding students, I would like to share some of my experiences that prepared me for this year in order to help others prepare and feel comfortable.   Each week, I will post on the following topics: A Shift in Perspective - Part 1 Before Going 1:1 - Part 2 Learning Environment - Part…
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