01 Feb 2016
PD in your PJs! On January 18 many staff members explored how to use Twitter for professional development and to showcase the amazing work our kiddos do every day. It’s easy to make a Twitter account, but maintaining the habit of posting and reflecting is a bigger challenge. One great way to learn from other educators and share your knowledge with the world is to connect via a Twitter Chat. Chat moderators create a list of questions related to an education topic and you connect with other educators from around the world as you discuss these prompts. Go to this…
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29 Jan 2016
Here's what's happening in tech integration! Pearson students held an open house and showed families how they utilize their iPads to enhance learning through collaboration, communication, and creativity. Parents were able to visit several stations where students gave presentations highlighting the work they have done in their classes. Students presented examples of iMovie, Notability, MackinVia, Explain Everything, Canvas, and Google Drive.   Eagle Creek Kindergarten is working on a STEM lab. Their students are going to take pictures of their design for a house, the house after it is built, how the house held up to a wind test, and…
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25 Nov 2015
Back in the day, school was a place where students learned the 3 Rs: reading, writing, and arithmetic. These essential skills allowed them to be literate, marketable for the workforce, and productive as adults. While those three skills have not lessened in their importance, another skill has emerged in recent years that is one of the highest demanded skills in the world today. Coding. In order to promote the teaching of computer science and coding in general, many organizations, businesses, and tech leaders have gotten together to create an annual event called the Hour of Code. It is a yearly…
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09 Nov 2015
I think I speak for the entire DLC team when I say, “Wait. It’s already November?” This school year has been an exciting and busy start the school year. The DLC team has been busy working to support teachers and PLCs across the district as they integrate technology into their teaching practices to enhance the learning of students. Last year was the first year where a building was 1:1 with iPads. This year, that initiative has expanded from one grade to all of 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. In Kindergarten last year, each classroom shifted to an all-day schedule.…
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