25 Mar 2016
We all need to be gone from school from time to time. Whether we are ill, have sick kids, or have articulation or committee meetings, absences happen. When we leave our classroom, we don’t know exactly what to expect when we get back. We might have multiple teachers cover our classes or a sub that we’ve never met before. Often times we are just hoping that there weren’t any behavior problems! We feel like we lose a day of instruction when we are gone.   So how can we “be” at school, even when we aren’t able to be physically…
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15 Mar 2016
Here are five ways to get started getting the most out of your Mac. Anyone can use these MacBook tools! Are you a 9th grade teacher looking for some new uses for student MacBooks? Or perhaps you are a 10th-12th grade teacher thinking ahead to next year? MacBooks can be used in a lot of productive and creative ways with your students.   1) Preview - Preview is a tool that is built into your MacBook. It allows you to take an image or PDF file and add shapes, text, drawings, highlights, and more. This is perfect for highlighting texts,…
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08 Mar 2016
  HTML code. What image appears in your mind when you hear those words? A series of 1s and 0s in green letters on a black screen? Your old customized MySpace profile? Well if you know how to copy and paste, keep reading because you can use it to make your Canvas course or Teacher website more interactive!   So why use HTML code? For starters, many web tools provide you with the HTML code you need to embed their content directly into Canvas or SchoolWires pages by simply copying and pasting it in. No coding experience required! And students…
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