24 Sep 2014

Quite often you may find yourself wanting to jazz up a publication that you're creating, whether digital or print.  CANVA ( is a fabulous resource that all of us on the DLC team have found to be a spectacular and fun web tool for photo editing.  With CANVA, you can create custom images, as well as:

  • Twitter Headers
  • Facebook Cover PhotosYOUR
  • Pinterest Posts
  • Blog post images
  • Twitter/FB posts
  • Business Cards
  • Presentations
  • ...etc.


The best part is that you are limited only by the time you'll want to spend on this great web application, because the program, itself, is FREE!  You pay only for images you purchase through the program, but you can also upload images that you already have the rights to use.

Curious and want to check it out?  Take a look at some of their tutorials:

Have fun and give it a try!



Image credit: Auero and Canva, Absract Light Trails by noolwee

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