02 May 2014

Highly effective PLCs utilize data from formative assessments to determine best practices in their subject area. And creating a common formative assessment can be pretty easy. The really big challenge with regards to doing data protocol is grading the formative assessment in a timely manner and then sifting through the data. And while it may be easy enough to discuss overall scores or averages, it is incredibly time-consuming to get stats on every student’s response to every question. Google can be your best friend in saving you and your PLC time!


The data protocol process can be done collaboratively and quickly using Google Drive. Start by creating a Google Form and then share it with your PLC by adding collaborators. Using question types like multiple choice, choose from a list, or even the grid, results can be automatically graded and shared. Be sure to create questions for student names, teacher names, and automatically collect students email addresses so you can email them their results as well.


Once you have your questions complete, you’ll need to install a “script” called Flubaroo. Click here to see step-by-step instructions on how to install and use Flubaroo.


I have spoken with two PLCs that completed this process. Not only was it easy to do but it also gave a question by question statistical breakdown of each question. PLCs can quickly decide where they need to adjust their instruction based on questions they do poorly on. With any luck, this process will also help determine best practices that teachers are using to get favorable results.


Hard to get your PLC in the same room at the same time? Google Drive Spreadsheets allow you to comment and discuss data asynchronously as well! Leave comments for your colleagues asking them how they help their students learn a standard or concept.


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