16 Feb 2016

Here's what's happening in tech integration! Last week students from Pearson 6th Grade Center and West Junior High and Kindergarten teachers from Jackson and Sun Path presented to parents, teachers, and community members at the Referendum Update Open House to demonstrate ways we are using technology to enhance student learning. Middle level students gave live demonstrations about using green screens, collecting data in science class, coding, programming, and using Notability and Canvas. K teachers presented Osmo, Book Creator, and Seesaw to illustrate creative and innovative uses of iPads in K-1 classrooms across the district. It was an exciting night for students to demonstrate 21st Century learning in Shakopee! Read the January 2016 Special Edition CommUNITY newsletter for a Referendum Update.

Here are more highlights:

  • Pearson students are using HSTRY to create Civil War timelines.
  • 7th grade science students at West JH are starting genius hour explorations.
  • Kindergartners at Eagle Creek and Sun Path used Book Creator for Project Lead the Way science projects on body structures and functions. 
  • Sweeney 1st grade teachers are appsmashing without reservation, using the camera app, DoInk, and Seesaw to finalize a reader's theater green screen project.
  • Kindergartens recorded videos retelling stories (Red Oak) and explaining the writing process (Jackson). 
  • West Junior High counselors and school psychologist rolled out a student support course in Canvas.

Read the latest Catching Creativity for details, photos, and videos. 

29 Jan 2016

Here's what's happening in tech integration!

Pearson students held an open house and showed families how they utilize their iPads to enhance learning through collaboration, communication, and creativity. Parents were able to visit several stations where students gave presentations highlighting the work they have done in their classes. Students presented examples of iMovie, Notability, MackinVia, Explain Everything, Canvas, and Google Drive.  

Eagle Creek Kindergarten is working on a STEM lab. Their students are going to take pictures of their design for a house, the house after it is built, how the house held up to a wind test, and a final reflection. Students will be creating a Shadow Puppet EDU video that stiches these images together with a voiceover. Looking forward to seeing it!

Sweeney kindergarten students spent an afternoon making iMovies of their "3 Favorite Things in Kindergarten". They creatively used the camera to take photos and record a video, then pulled their content into iMovie where they added a background soundtrack. Many then shared their finished projects with teachers and families through Seesaw.

Eagle Creek 1st grade team spent three consecutive days diving into Book Creator. Students worked with a "My Nutrition Book" and identified food groups, wrote about them, and added voice to support their writing. They used SeeSaw to share their books with teachers/parents. They also worked on story re-tells and elements of a story using a similar workflow to reinforce concepts.  

Red Oak Kindergarten learned how to use SeeSaw to create patterns using manipulatives, photo them, and add voice and live writing annotation.

Thanks again to the 28 classroom teachers and media specialists who created and facilitated tech breakouts on January 18. Without their help the day would not have been a success. If you're interested in being involved with facilitating tech PD in the future, please email a DLC. The forms for your feedback about potential follow-up sessions are still active. We'd love your input. 

29 Sep 2014

Pinterest is a fabulous visual bookmarking, storage and online billboard tool.  Here's a quick lineup of some of our favorite posts on ways to use Pinterest in Education. Out and about in buildings in Shakopee this year, we've seen so many people who've pulled amazing ideas from the aggregated visuals and resources on Pinterest.  


Here are 5 great ways to use Pinterest in Education and building your PLN--from K-12, lots of applications here!

1.  37 Ways Teachers Can Use Pinterest in the Classroom

2.  Using Pinterest in Education-A collection of using Pinterest well in Education

3.  Building your PLN with Pinterest

4.  Grow and Connect Your PLN

5.  Middle School Ideas, Lesson Plans and Activities


We even have a few boards put togther from our DLC team to provide support in tech and teaching....check them out!

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06 Mar 2014

Last spring physics students in Shakopee did a project where they could choose the topic of study, the methods of investigation, and the product, as long as the project was an inquiry into the physics of the situation. Students investigated volleyball bumps, guitars, Nerf guns, and many other interesting situations, including the investigation into Ocarinas below. 


Among other things, this student used a Vernier Microphone and LoggerPro to measure the frequenices generated when different holes were covered to then generate a model for how the holes affect the frequency, then utilized video editing software in conjuction with Youtube to convey her message. In short, technology access allowed her to learn science by doing science

The secondary science team in Shakopee recently decided to forgo purchasing expensive textbooks in favor of using free resources on the web, such that we could invest in student technology for data collection. Overwhelming evidence (examples here and here) indicates that students learn best when first given opportunities to investigate and explore through inquiry. Shakopee science teachers have taken this to heart and are making significant strides to increase lab and exploratory time in science classes, enabled through technology. Shakopee students learn science by doing science!



Students in Chemistry perform titrations using Vernier data collection equipment.



A student in Environmental Ethics shows of some data.

A student in Environmental Ethics shows of some data.



Students in Chemistry explore computer simulations for microscopic events 

Students in Chemistry explore computer simulations for microscopic events



Experiment and Formative Assessment with iPads

6th grade students in the background perform an experiment and collect data using iPads while students in the forground complete a formative assessment. 



 7th grade students explore cells using iPads


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