19 Jan 2017
Canvas FastTrack Canvas FastTrack

Take the FastTrack to Canvas Success

No matter how many times I create a course in Canvas, I wonder if it is really working for my students. My course has looked different every year, at times even every unit, as I have tried to find the best way to engage students into my online course content. Luckily, Canvas has some tried and true suggestions to make your course a powerful learning tool for your students.


The DLC’s were introduced to a Canvas video series called the FastTrack. There are over 30 short videos on how to create a more engaging canvas course. Each video is 2-3 minutes long and includes great ideas on using the features of Canvas to their full potential. The videos are worth your time and deliver new ways to make your course more engaging and user friendly.


 Click on the icons below to enter the FastTrack.

Youtube FastTrack PlaylistCanvas FastTrack Series 1

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