08 Mar 2016

HTML: Crack the Code!


HTML code. What image appears in your mind when you hear those words? A series of 1s and 0s in green letters on a black screen? Your old customized MySpace profile? Well if you know how to copy and paste, keep reading because you can use it to make your Canvas course or Teacher website more interactive!


So why use HTML code? For starters, many web tools provide you with the HTML code you need to embed their content directly into Canvas or SchoolWires pages by simply copying and pasting it in. No coding experience required! And students and parents can pull up your teacher webpage or Canvas course and seamlessly access content you want them to see such as a Google Slideshow or Quizlet flashcard set.


Here is a (far from comprehensive) list of great tools that can be embedded directly in Canvas and School Wires:


Google Slides - take your slideshows and place them directly in Canvas for viewing

Google Forms - create surveys for parents or use them as exit tickets with students

Edpuzzle - take a video, add questions, assign to students to watch it without skipping parts!

Desmos - create interactive math lessons kids complete independently

YouTube - embedding keeps kids in Canvas and out of YouTube!

Padlet - an online collaborative cork board for links, pictures, and text

Answer Garden - create a question prompt, kids respond, generates a word cloud

Quizlet - vocabulary review games with leaderboards, make your own sets!




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