25 Nov 2015


Back in the day, school was a place where students learned the 3 Rs: reading, writing, and arithmetic. These essential skills allowed them to be literate, marketable for the workforce, and productive as adults. While those three skills have not lessened in their importance, another skill has emerged in recent years that is one of the highest demanded skills in the world today.


In order to promote the teaching of computer science and coding in general, many organizations, businesses, and tech leaders have gotten together to create an annual event called the Hour of Code. It is a yearly event that is designed to encourage students to try coding and peak their interest so they pursue it in their downtime or career path. With so many free resources available to students today and mobile technologies available, the Hour of Code makes it possible to bring coding to nearly every classroom in the district. You can participate in the Hour of Code any day during the week of Dec. 7th-11th. The District-wide Hour of Code will take place on Dec. 10th.

Have no experience in coding? None is required! has assembled some excellent resources to help you and your classes get started. Check out the how-to guide here:

A simple lesson plan for hosting your very own Hour of Code might look like this: a quick introduction to #HourOfCode as a part of Computer Science Week, watch this video, then give students 30-45 minutes to work through one of the tutorials or apps listed below. If time permits at the end of class, students could share what they did with the entire class. For younger grades, they have certificates you can print for each student for completing the hour of code.

While you can do the Hour of Code any day between Dec. 7th and 11th, the District-wide event will be on Dec. 10th. The DLCs and district staff will be out in the buildings checking out the awesome coding happening across the district. Happy Coding!!!

Great iPad Apps for K and 1st:


Light Bot

Cargo Bot

Box Island: One Hour of Coding

Great Lessons for 6th-8th:

Hopscotch - iOS App

Scratch Jr. - iOS App

Tynker - iOS App

Web-based self-paced:

Web-based teacher-led:

Great Lessons for ChromeBook and MacBook Users:


Have no devices? Try some of the "unplugged" activities!

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