13 Feb 2015

Preparing for 1:1 - Part 7

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Creation Over Consumption


When teachers look at the iPad, I have found that many think of it as a toy. It is a device that has many games, some of which are fun and many are educational. But apps don’t teach students. Teachers teach students. The Shakopee Digital Learning Coach team put together the 6th grade base image of apps that put creation at the forefront. Instead of searching for educational apps that teach content, seek apps that facilitate authentic learning.  Consider how students can make digital artifacts to show their learning. Apps should be used to demonstrate learning.



What's more powerful for a student? To be playing a game or making one? Which one takes creativity and critical thinking? The answer of course is, creating trumps consuming every time. 


Student can use iPads to create some pretty incredible media. You can create visual slideshow presentations, websites, multimedia digital stories, audio recordings, works of art, multi-track musical productions, professional quality videos, and much more. You get to see your students act out their feelings, hear their voice as they tackle a difficult math problem, and share these creations with an audience that extends to all continents. To relegate the iPad to the role of drill tool, textbook, flash card set, or notebook does not take advantage of it’s unique capabilities. Empower students to create digital media they can share with the world!


Here are some examples from my 6th grade social studies classroom: 

Looking for more amazing iPad creation examples? Check out this awesome blog post by Paul Blogush.


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