21 Mar 2018
In a world chock full of smartphones, digital cameras, and powerful computers, virtual reality and augmented reality are making their way into the lives of billions. We can no longer say that these technologies are just for gaming and entertainment. The possibilities in education are limitless and will only continue to improve.   Augmented and virtual reality can be a perfect fit in any class in order to engage your students. They can be used at the beginning of a unit to get students excited about the topic you are teaching. These technologies can also be incredibly effective in showing…
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27 Feb 2018
The Paper Paradox   Start by watching the video above. Watched it? Great! I hope it was worth a chuckle. More importantly, know that this is the perspective Shakopee DLCs take regarding paper: There is a time and a place where paper is a better choice than using digital tools.   If we cannot explain to our students why it is better that we are using technology for a particular task, then it is probably not worth doing digitally. I heard a teacher tell students, “We are using Notability to highlight this article because then you can undo mistakes and…
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14 Dec 2017
When you create formative or summative assessments for your students, have you felt limited in what kinds of questions you can ask your student? Or are you feeling like maybe these matching questions don’t really assess critical thinking? On many tests we give, students answer selected-response questions like multiple choice and short answer essay questions. But now we’ve got even more options! That’s why I am excited to introduce you to Quizzes.Next.   Disclaimer: This is a beta feature that we have elected to turn on. There are some limitations at this time. We turned this on to allow our…
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11 Dec 2017
I’m going to speak from my own math experience when I say teaching vocabulary was not easy. We did Frayer Models, creative pictorial representations, and graphic organizers which worked well for many of my students. My struggle was getting students to use the formal academic language when they were doing collaborative activities, justifying thinking, writing, and talking about math. I needed a way to have them practice using the academic language so they were ready to use it to explain their thinking.   Desmos Polygraph provides an opportunity to collaboratively teach and practice vocabulary and give students the need for…
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